Starting Monday 24th April 2023

In this supportive and gentle 5-day workshop we’ll be bringing our expertise and experience together and through a mix of coaching, EFT practices and meditation we’ll give you skills to recognise red flags in relationships as well as the self belief and confidence to find your voice so you can have the stable, healthy relationships you truly deserve.

"Probably the most important journey one can take"

"Amazing. Inspiring. Incredible.

Thank you"

Do you want to…

…be able to identify red flag behaviours in relationships?

…increase your self belief and self confidence?

…learn to trust what your body and mind are telling you?

All whist learning EFT practices, meditation and body awareness that will support you in

releasing any blocks that are associated with speaking freely in Relationships.

A message from Rie…

"Rie and Sally are simply amazing. The workshops really opened my eyes to the red flags in my own relationship which was a difficult realisation. But, the support provided by them both, as well as other members of the group, have helped me realise the importance of speaking up. Not only in my intimate relationship but with all relationships in my life.

I would highly recommend the workshops to anyone looking to improve their confidence to communicate their feelings and I’m looking forward to being a part of the full membership group"


"Rie and her book, Be Kind. No Excuses, has been really important in even just understanding what abuse is and the different forms it can come in. Her work really opened my eyes to the harsh truth.

Whilst Sally’s work has helped me to accept the trust, work with the emotions it brings up, which creates a gentle flow, so leaning in, processing, and growing can really begin.

These two women working together, to encourage and support others to look in, begin this journey and start trusting themselves is revolutionary"


"This has been a beautiful set of sessions by Rie and Sally. Both are inspiring and wise women, informed by their experiences, work and their intuition.

Any realisation about how you’ve been treated in the past, and the work required to learn and heal from those experiences can be a bumpy ride. But it’s probably the most important journey one can take.

Amazing facilitators, inspiring teaches and incredible humans. With gratitude, warmth and respect"


What To Expect

Over the course of the week we’ll be on hand to offer:

…Live coaching sessions from Rie and Sally via Zoom

…A safe space on WhatsApp to ask questions, join discussions and gain support

…2 private 1-2-1’s (1 with Sally, 1 with Rie) for individual support and guidance

Rie Pearson

Rie is from North Tyneside and lives overlooking the sea; she describes herself as Being on the Edge! She’s married to David, her third husband, and has three children. Two in their twenties and a teenager.

Rie's career background is in policing. She was a police officer for 27 years and retired on her 50th birthday due to ill health. She specialised in Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, working strategically for many years.

Her book, "Be Kind. No Excuses" is a guide for teenagers and parents to raise awareness of the red-flag behaviours that are a precursor to abuse in intimate relationships.

Sally Anne Saint

Sally lives in Monmouthshire with her son and has had a life full of many experiences, including being brought up in an unsafe home. In order to live her own life she had to learn, lean in and heal.

She trained in Reiki, Shamanic work, Reflexology, and massage.

She now works with women using the modalities of EFT and a combination of body awareness and healing modalities.

She has self-published two books on releasing your past and the journey of grieving.

"I feel so much stronger and connected to my true self"

"Amazing facilitators, inspiring teaches and incredible humans"

Honouring Your Voice

The key to living a happy and fulfilled life is how we communicate in relationships, from your dog, child, friends and partners. To be able to effectively communicate clearly and confidently is how others bond more deeply with us.

If anything in your past has halted the natural flow of communicating then it will show up in current relationships so lean in to this week, learn, ask questions and step with us daily as we share the path to honouring your voice.

A message from Sally...

"Thank you very much Sally and Rie for these sessions focussing on self-awareness and healing in relationships, they have affected me deeply.

They have been incredibly inspiring because even though they were remote sessions, the work was going on to support us to open our hearts and minds, release the past and see the truth of our lives."

"This week has helped me become so much more honest, authentic and self-aware in my relationships.

Thank you for your support and for being such great female role models. I feel so much stronger and connected to my true self."

"These two women working together to encourage and support others to look in, begin this journey and start trusting themselves is revolutionary"

Are you ready to go on this special journey?

Starting on Monday 24th April 2023, you will be given access to a private WhatsApp group, specifically created to be a safe space for all those attending.

Don’t worry if you can’t make any of the sessions live, replays will be available and Rie and Sally will both be available throughout the 5 days to answer any questions you have and to provide support.

If you’re ready to join now, use the button below to book your space, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact Rie via or Sally via

Sponsor a Woman

An opportunity to put a woman on a different journey…

Here is the place and space to buy a sponsored space for one woman or make a donation towards the cost of a full space. One woman who needs help and support, but help and support with tools, understanding, compassion, and knowledge.

One woman who truly deserves a better life, better self-understanding and to change the trajectory of her life path.

Choose your sponsorship option here:

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